Rod's Rocking Horses - Heirloom, hand-crafted, unique rocking horses made in Australia.

This page lists some of the fun, interesting and useful websites I have found.

oldrockinghorses ---- If you are interested in antique or old rocking horses in the UK.
A wide selection of antique and old rocking horses in many sizes for sale: restored, unrestored, original, and rare rocking horses by F H Ayres, Lines, Leach and many others. Hand made fine saddlery for special horses. Identification of old rocking horses.
Note, most of the makers, restorers and accessories suppliers below have some old rockers for sale.

The Rocking Horse Shop-----All sorts of lovely horses available
Anthony Jackson----Very experienced makers and restorers
The Rocking Horse Workshop-----Expert makers and restorers, accurate reproductions including the special turning head Ayres horses
rockinghorseelite----A good selection of beautifully restored and unrestored old rocking horses for sale. Jan Rusling is an expert and artistic carver who can make you a wonderful new horse which is a work of art and will always be sought after. Accessories also for sale.
Mystic Mounts-----New traditional wooden rocking horses made in Edinburgh, Scotland. Repairs and restorations undertaken.

SUPPLIERS OF ROCKING HORSE ACCESSORIES ( also new rocking horses for sale and restoration services.)
The Rocking Horse Shop -----A huge catalogue of accessories, plans, timber packs, videos, inspirational books: the best place for someone making their first rocking horse.
Margaret Spencer -----An extensive range of accessories and Margaret's plans and books. Lovely metal rosettes. An excellent long established company. >>> John and Dorothy Woods<<<----no web site at the moment but experts who are so helpful and supply a good range of accessories. UK 01942 816246

Dick Gerling----Unique modern American horses and other animals /eagles. buyers guide for carousel horses.
Carousel workshop----US suppliers of horse hair on hide.

AUSTRALIAN SITES ... more than just rocking horsed
Patricia Mullins----- Beautifully restored rocking horses and carousel horses. Unrivalled expertise.
Rocking Horse Man -----Experts on Australian horses old and new, kits and accessories.
Rocking Horse Shed -----Jamie specializes in Australian rocking horses.
Libby's site -----Libby restores Australian and English rocking horse.
Shannon's site -----More lovely old rocking horses from Australia and England.
Sasha's site -----An artist who is passionate about rocking horses and restoration.

Lexi's Rocking Horses-----Lexi is a jeweller with a passion for old rocking horses.

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