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Invest for the future
Why do we like rocking?
Why a costly heirloom item?
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Invest for the future

The purchase of any well made rocking horse is an investment.

If its made of Huon Pine, it is a "sure thing".

What do you think?

Why do we like rocking?

In his introduction to his book “TheCompleteRocking-Horse Maker”, Anthony Dew says:

Rocking is not only soothing for crying babies, it has a similar effect on children of all ages who may rock themselves back and forth if sad or unhappy, or just bored.  Mentally disturbed people do it, as do perfectly sane adults in rocking chairs.  It is the physical form of the mantra of meditators; a panacea; a way to sooth and ease the mind.  On a rocking horse, it is fun too.

What's your experience?

Why a costly heirloom item?

It is true that a child will get as much enjoyment from a cheap rocking horse as from an heirloom one - but for how long?
Cheap ones tend to find their way outside where they deteriorate quickly.
Cheap ones may be harder to rock.
Cheap ones will always look cheap.  An heirloom item enhances the decor of your home for generations, if it is cared for like your other precious furniture items are.

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